Spring Hill United

Church of Christ

4244 Mariner Blvd.  

Spring Hill, FL  34609


 Stephen Ministers provide excellent care and support to people whose basic coping skills are generally intact. Their care receivers are probably capable of overcoming the challenges they face on their own but benefit greatly from having someone to walk alongside of them, encourage them, pray with and for them, and share their burdens. Stephen Ministers offer this kind of support through attentive, active listening and a caring presence.


1.     Crisis Care: hospitalization, serious or terminal illness, death of a loved one, unemployment, divorce, stress from moving or relocation, being the loved one of a person in crisis.

2.    Follow-up Care: experiencing sadness weeks after major surgery, feeling lonely and grieving the loss of one’s previous home long after moving, experiencing renewed feelings of anger and guilt a year after losing a child to cancer.

3.    Chronic Care: living in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, homebound, experiencing chronic pain, such as arthritis, living with degenerative disease, living with cancer that requires ongoing medical attention.

4.    Preventive Care: approaching retirement, a child going into the military or going off to college, a mission trip to an impoverished country.

5.    Caregiver Care or Supportive Care: caring for a dying spouse or a spouse with declining mental or physical health, considering placing a parent in a long-term facility, caring for a child with special needs, supporting one parent through the death and funeral of another, supporting an adult child during a divorce .

Please contact Barb Boley, Stephen Leader 304-544-1112 or Pastor Robin 813-570-9378.