Spring Hill United

Church of Christ

4244 Mariner Blvd.  

Spring Hill, FL  34609



"Hello.  My name is Henry Sheedy and I just wanted to thank you for your prayers for my sister’s car to make back to Massachusetts.  Her differential has major problems, but thank you so much, the car did make it back.

I lived and worked for four months in Spring Hill, worked at Newport Richey VA.  The job was horrible, I had transferred from Boston VA. 

I would like to say if it were not for SHUCC, I never would have lasted the four months.  I had attended services years ago while visiting my aunt, but the four months I attended, from April to June, three months, really helped me.  Your church helped me through a very troubled time.  I transferred back to Boston in July.  My family was back in Spring Hill to sell the house and move on.  It marked the end of an era selling her house, 35 years of visiting Spring Hill, FL.

Thank you again for your prayers and thank you again SHUCC for helping me through a very difficult time in my life.  I will always miss  SHUCC.        Henry Sheedy"

Joe K. – March 31, 2017

We want to tell you what it has meant to both of us to worship at Spring Hill UCC these past 3 months.  It was wonderful.  I have served in various capacities in a congregation that thinks it is open and welcoming, but could learn a lot from your church.  We congratulate your search committee for finding an outstanding preacher in Pastor Robin.  The style and content of her sermons touched us both.  And we both felt truly welcome to your church from the first greeting at the door to being engaged by members of the congregation during worship and the fellowship that followed.  We're just sorry we couldn't bring your church back north with us.  We will remember you all always.  Blessings to all.

Bob R - January 9, 2017 

I believe that the new Pastor, Rev. Robin Labolt, is simply the shepherd God intends for this open and affirming, and exceptionally loving, church. The moment you walk through the doors, God's love comes pouring out in the graciousness of God's people present in this place. This United Church of Christ clearly lives the Gospel message. I am tied, in love and covenant, to another UCC where I serve and worship each week, BUT, if I were not, I'd be right there at the Springhill UCC. May God continue to bless the United Church of Christ, particularly the ones in Tampa Bay. God's love shines through them all.

Rod F. November 13, 2016 · 

Just became a member and only after attending a couple Sundays I knew that I found a place filled with love, where everyone feels at home. Robin and all the other diverse members gave me the feeling of Christ in the heart of this church!

Neil F  - September 25, 2016 · 

I've been attending with my partner for some time and we have never been to a church as welcoming as this one.

Kurt G.  October 6, 2016 · 

This is a real oasis of wisdom, friendship, and authentic preaching. It is a pleasure worshiping here and spending time in fellowship and study. It's similar to the home church and groups I experienced up home before moving to Florida